Office Christmas Party at Canis Restaurant is a delicious party in the beautiful, historical interior and winter vibes. Our Head Chef and the team will take care of guests experiences, serving traditional polish Christmas dishes in authorial edition. Office Christmas Party is great opportunity to strenghten connection between people, enjoy Christmas vibes and create wonderful memories. We ensure family atmosphere, indyvidual menu and live music - if you only wish to. We will be honored to host your company! OFFER 2018 (in Polish - to get your English version, please email us:


We will be pleased to organize banquet for you! We are able to hold even 100 people! Canis can change for you due to your wish and needs. Usually part of our wooden tables disappear and on their place appear banquet tables. We will prepare buffet with hot dishes and cold starters. Finger foods, salads, ceviche - what would your guests like? Write to us and we will prepare individual offer for you!


Chef’s Table at Canis Restaurant is perfect to organize culinary workshops close to the kitchen for the intimate group of people. It is great opportunity to learn how to cook and have creative birthday party not only for children, but also adults. Chef's Table is comfortable place next to the kitchen. During the workshop, `participants prepare dishes under the eye of our Chefs. It's great idea not only to gain new cooking skills, but also spend quality time with friend, work colleagues, partner or children. The offer is set individually with Head Chef, in order to organize perfect event for...


Every moment spent with family is priceless... We know it very well and we will do everything to organize your event in warmly, close, calm atmosphere, filled with delicious food. Communion and Baptism in Canis will be a memorable event and your guests will be delighted. If you are interested in organizing family event at Canis, please contact us: Our Head Chef with the Team will prepare individual offer for You.