Tarta z sałatka „tabbouleh "

14 February – Valentines’ day

Menu 249 złotych per person

Appetizer to share

Smoked beef tartare with edible gold
Gyoza dumplings with strawberry, scallops and yuzu
Tomato tartare with vegan pistachio mayonnaise
Focaccia with oil from the mountain of Saint Lawrence with rosemary

Main course (optional)
Bass/ crawfish/ sause mouclade/ spinach/ Korean carrot/ bimi broccoli/ polenta fries

Deer/salsa with chorizo ​​and dogwood/ smashed potatoes with smoked goat cheese/shimeji in tempura/ red wine sauce
Tart with zucchini and sunflower seeds / vegan koftas / saffron sauce with cashews / shimeji in tempura / pickled pumpkin with hibiscus

Dessert to share
Assiette chocolate/ parfait with 3 types of chocolate/ truffles /chocolate cream brulee/ strawberries in chocolate/ chocolate caviar